Tips for Adapting Your Home After a Stroke

old person on wheel chair

It can be hard to feel discouraged after a stroke if you don’t see any positive progress, and it becomes more challenging to navigate.

While some strokes are easily manageable and won’t have many lasting effects on your life, others can severely impact every aspect of your life.

You can do several things to make your home more accessible so that you can live comfortably in your own space. We’ll go through a few tips for adapting your home after a stroke.

Use Ramps For Safer Access

Even if others can navigate around your home like a pro, it’s essential that you never let yourself take down the stairs one by one. It’s best to have at least one ramp for better mobility. You can also install railings in the bathroom to handrails in the kitchen. If you need help with mobility equipment, make sure that they’re designed for adults with restricted mobility.

Use Low Surfaces For Easier Access

To make it easier for yourself to get around anywhere in your home, find low surfaces whenever possible.

This might include the front door thresholds, the backs of cabinets, etc. It will also help if you can place your walker or scooter on low surfaces while using it. Using a surface this way will make it easier for yourself and the people in your home to get around.

Make Sure That Your Housemates Can Help You

If you’re ever in an emergency, all your housemates or loved ones living with you must know how to get in touch with emergency services while ensuring that they don’t hurt themselves in the process.

It’s also helpful if someone knows CPR and how to use any medical equipment in case of an extreme emergency and the ambulance is late getting to your home.

Emergency Lights and Signs

If you’ve trouble walking at night, consider getting a few small lights for your walker or cane so that others can see you when they enter the room.

You can also have motion-activated lights installed around your home so that people know where to find you if they need something in the middle of the night. It’s also best to have large signs near doors warning guests not to enter certain areas of the home.

In-Home Caregiving Services

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