Skilled Nursing

Personalized Skilled Nursing Services in the Comfort of Your Home

Personalized Skilled Nursing Services in the Comfort of Your Home

At Embassy Home HealthCare we offer dedicated nursing services that is offered in a typical hospital, just more compassionate and personalized. Our skilled nurses are vetted not only for their experience and practical skills, but also their people skills. That is why our RNs can integrate into each patient’s family and develop an emotional bond with both.

Home care nursing services are provided by not only registered nurses, but also professionals who specialize in occupational therapy, wound care, physiotherapy, speech therapy and other needs. Each of them is subjected to a rigorous interview and screening process along with reference reviews. This allows us to ensure that we can offer a range of quality in-home care services as and when needed.

To ensure this, each staff member is:

    • Screened for empathy.
    • Trained to provide the best services to improve quality of life for their patients whether they are children, adults or seniors that require assistance.
    • Covered by workers compensation, insured and bonded.
    • Capable of interacting with patients on a personal level during care giving. This includes keeping clients engaged and active if possible.

The main goal of our home nursing services is to treat injuries and illnesses that can make life uncomfortable or unbearable for patients. Some of the services our nurses provide include the following:

Skilled nurse


Post Surgical Care

Post surgical care includes pain management, respiratory management, fluid intake management among other critical services. Our skilled nurses can aid you in all of them from the comfort of your home so you can heal sooner rather than later. This includes removing, cleaning and applying urinary catheters if needed as well as physical therapy via a personalized plan for optimal outcomes.

Wound Care/Dressing

Injuries from accidents can be devastating and depending on the extent, can take months to heal leaving patients bedridden. Our experienced nurses know what it takes to treat different types of wounds whether they are the result of bed sores, surgeries or are infected due to neglect. Their dedicated care can hasten the healing process and make patients comfortable.

Administering Oxygen

Lack of oxygen during respiratory distress can cause permanent brain damage and even prove fatal. Both acute and chronic conditions require oxygen administration. Our nurses are trained and experienced in handling the equipment and administering it quickly and efficiently

Injections and Vaccinations

No need to come all the way to the hospital and wait hours in line for your turn. Stay safe from infectious diseases by calling our qualified and skilled nurses for in-home vaccinations, injections, and IV infusions.

Besides the aforementioned services, our skilled nurses can also provide occupational therapy and speech therapy services for clients whether they are 10 or 100 years of age. Get in touch with us for a consultation today!