Home Health Care Services Stafford

Home Health Care Services Available in Stafford

Located in Texas, Stafford has a population of 17,693.  It's an ideal place to live. From spring to fall, you get to experience all seasons. It's cleaner and less polluted than other counties in the region. Residents of this area also have access to high-quality education.

The health system in the US has its drawbacks. As a result, people---especially those who're homebound--- don't always have access to top-notch healthcare services. We aim to change that with our home health care services.

We're located in the heart of Stafford, and we provide quality services to people in the comfort of their homes. We understand just how difficult it is for patients to come to us, particularly when they have a disability or an ailment that prevents them from leaving their homes.

Our team of in-home caregivers is comprised of experienced occupational therapists, personal therapists, social workers, speech therapists, and more. They're equipped to deal with disabled people's needs and are trained to prioritize their health and safety above everything else. Our team also pays special attention to companionship, nutrition, hygiene, among others.

Some of the services we offer to the residents of Stafford include wound care, diabetic care, nursing, speech therapy, physical therapy, and more. We've been providing home health care services since 2003, which makes us one of the most experienced home health care services providers in the region.

If you want to book an appointment or have any questions, we're here to assist you. You can reach out to us at 7135898050 or email us at info@embassyhomehealthcare.com.