Occupational Therapy

Your life is made up of small occupations, whether you are a child, an adult or a senior. These are made of several roles which we usually don’t consciously think about till we have difficulty doing them. This includes even the smallest tasks such as brushing your teeth, using utensils to walking to and using the bathroom.

Whether you are an adult who has difficulty eating because of a hand injury, a senior who is recovering from a stroke, our occupational therapists can incorporate your valued occupation into your rehabilitation process. By increasing your independence via activity participation, they can help you maintain a lifestyle most of us take for granted.

Here are just some of the benefits you can experience with home health care services in Houston from our occupational therapists:

Hand occupational therapy


Home Modification and Fall Reduction

If your living circumstances become a challenge because of a reduction in physical and cognitive abilities, home modifications can reduce chances of injuries. Our occupational therapists can create a custom fall prevention program. Some of the interventions that your OT will introduce include:

    • An evaluation of the client and their home that is followed by modifications for fall reductions.
    • Providing and teaching to use adaptive equipment to reduce functional decline and enhance safety.
    • Physical activity to enhance mobility and reduce chances of falls.
    • Modifications for seniors who are aging with a disability to reduce perceived and apparent difficulties with instrumental  activities of daily living (IADLs).


Stroke Management

A stroke can render patients helpless and unable to do even the smallest of tasks if paralysis sets in. Besides physical therapists, occupational therapists can help them in all stages of recovery to achieve optimal function at home. This includes:

    • Problem solving strategies and motivation to increase the patient’s confidence following a stroke.
    • Practice repeating tasks that the patient didn’t have difficulty with pre stroke.
    • Cognitive rehabilitation to improve cognitive function.
    • Strengthening and exercise programs to improve mobility, balance, and overall occupational performance.


Health Management

Chronic conditions can make life difficult, and recovery can be a challenge without external influences. Our professional occupational therapists can provide interventions that can aid patients in overcoming their conditions physically and mentally. This includes ensuring they maintain participation in a range of occupations via comprehensive care plans such as:

    • Self management programs that includes the enhancement of self care, problem solving skills and medication management.
    • Client centered OT that targets health management in frail adults and seniors who suffer from debilitating conditions such as arthritis or macular degeneration.
    • Individually customized self management programs that are made with the aid with other health professionals to maintain positive results.