Physical Therapy

Putting You on the Path to Recovery Faster!

Whether you are recovering from an illness, surgery or a serious injury, doing daily tasks can be a challenge if not impossible. Our trained, compassionate and skilled physical therapists can help you regain mobility via a range if rehabilitation services.

We offer physical therapy services as per a plan of treatment that is unique for each patient as per their needs. The aim is to provide a level of care that can maximize independent functioning in a home setting. In our experience, that is the best and fastest way to heal and recuperate.

Some of the activities physical therapists can help you with include the following:

    • Helping you overcome physical limitations to complete daily activities via occupational therapy.
    • Determining cognitive abilities and creating plans for recovery.
    • Help you learn how to navigate the rooms in your house and with fall prevention.
    • Teaching you how to use assistive devices.
    • Increasing strength and activity tolerance for enhanced mobility.
    • Teaching you how to conserve energy during movements.

In-home physical therapy


A Mobility Companion You Can Rely On Completely

Our skilled therapists can see and work with you in a familiar environment that can hasten your recovery. That is beneficial not only for you, but the therapists as well. By observing and working with you on a daily basis in your home, they are able to determine areas where you need help the most.
This can be anything from learning to go up and down the stairs, determining and eliminating hazards that may lead to falls and how to best utilize the space in your home for exercises. These details are critical in how they shape your custom exercise plan.

We Provide All of the Necessary Equipment and Services

The physical therapist that will be assigned to you will bring all of the necessary equipment and supplies that can increase the value of each session. This includes scoping out space in your home where they can set up daily and help you do your exercises without distractions.
Work your way back to a normal life sooner rather than later with undivided attention from a trained PT. Your PT will give you the attention and guidance you need compassionately to ensure you can heal under your own duress. This includes taking a firm stance on meeting fitness and mobility goals that can increase your chances of recovery.
If you wish or need to transition to an outpatient clinic, our PTs can help with that as well. To ensure a continuity of care, they will also update clinical staff on your progress, present condition and needs.
So if you are in search of home health services in Houston or skillful physical therapy services for a swift and efficient recovery, get in touch with us today!