Wound Care

Wounds that fail to heal in time can get infected and become difficult to manage. The best way to prevent that is with regular dressing changes, but that is easier said than done for the wounded. Our compassionate and skilled nurses can bring that service to your home to alleviate your stress and ensure optimal healing.

All of our registered nurses (RNs) are trained to provide sterile wound dressing and pain management services that can optimize the healing process. This includes coming up and implementing a personalized wound care program that can not only enhance the healing process, but the patient’s overall health as well.

Our trained and dedicated staff understands that even the smallest of lesions can turn into gaping wounds if they are not treated early. The multidisciplinary wound care program they implement not only treats them, but also the underlying causes as well. The entire approach is based on the following principles:

    • Patient comfort for optimal healing.
    • Evidence based treatments and certified standards of care.
    • Continuous assessment of wounds, patients and ongoing treatment plans.
    • Collaboration with the attending physician for personalized wound care.
    • Measurement and reporting of outcomes.
    • Making changes in the treatment program as per healing levels.

Our aim is to optimize the healing time and ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. We use only clinically proven, high quality products to ensure they receive premium care.

A nurse dressing a wound

Types of Wound Dressing We Offer

Depending on the severity and type of injuries you have, our trained RNs excel and can provide the following types of dressing services:


Hydrogel is Ideal for wounds that are relatively dry such as pressure ulcers, necrotic wounds, second degree burn wounds and donor sites. Hydrogel dressing also allows infected wounds to heal.


Hydrocoloid dressings are ideal for wounds that need to be drained as well as burn injuries, pressure and venous ulcers.


Alginate dressing is applied to wounds that need to be drained regularly due to buildup as well as packing wounds, venous and serious pressure ulcers.


Our skilled nurses apply collagen dressing for chronic or stalled wounds which include bed sores, post surgery wounds, bullet wounds, transplant site wounds and injuries that cover a large surface area on the body.

Cloth or Gauze

As the most common types of dressing, these options are used to cover open minor open wounds which have ruptured the skin such as abrasions or grazes. The dressing has to be changed regularly for patients who have thin or sensitive skin.

A wound can worsen with time if it is not treated with the care and products it needs to heal properly. Get in touch with us to book an in-home wound care specialist today. Ask us about our home health services in Houston and make an informed decision.