Speech Therapy

Extensive Speech Therapy Services in Familiar Environments

Extensive Speech Therapy Services in Familiar Environments

Whether you wish to speak more fluently, overcome a speech impediment or recover from a disease or disorder that prevents you from speaking clearly, there is always a way to do so. Our experienced and skilled speech therapists can help you overcome vocal challenges and improve your confidence at the same time, all from the comfort of your home.

With our help you can:

    • Heal your voice.
    • Return to work following a stroke with complete charge of your vocal cords.
    • Improve your ability to swallow post stroke.
    • Prevent communication breakdown in conversations with friends and family members.
    • Improve the clarity of your speech.


Learning to speak

What We Treat


Aphasia is a fairly common speech disorder that impairs an individual’s ability to comprehend, formulate and use language. It is often the result of a stroke, but it can also be caused by a brain injury, tumors and degenerative diseases. Our speech therapists use communication-based speech therapy to help patients convey thoughts and emotions.

Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia of Speech (AOS) is a speech disorder which impairs speech sequencing and movement of articulators. It is quite common in children, but it can also result from brain tumors, stroke toxins and infections. Our speech therapists can create a custom plan that takes the severity of the condition into account and increases chances of success.

Articulation Disorders

Articulation refers to the production of sounds of speech which are produced by articulators i.e. our jaw, tongue, lips and vocal cords. The condition results in mispronunciations which can include additions, distortions, substitutions and omissions in parts of speech. If a child or an adult shows these symptoms, he/she suffers from this disorder, but it is nothing that our skilled speech therapists cannot help with.


Disruptions in normal flows of speech or disfluencies are called stutters. These are often accompanied by sound repetitions, excessive use of fillers, laryngeal blocks and prolonged syllables or speech sounds. If you prefer home health services in Houston, hire our speech therapists to help alleviate those symptoms from the comfort and safety of your home.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory processing disorder (APD) occurs when something disrupts the interpretation and processing of information. It prevents the brain from understanding speech and non-verbal sounds and also prevents the elimination of background noise. Our highly qualified in-home speech therapists can work with audiologists to help you improve the auditory deficit and make speech and verbal cues legible once again.
So whether you need to improve your spoken English, eliminate accents from your speech, overcome speech disorders or learn how to speak again following a stroke or brain injury, our speech therapists will not disappoint. Contact us to book a consultation today!