Services a Registered Nurse Provides During In-Home Care

Nurse in a white gown

An in-home caregiver can be a necessity for some individuals. While many people associate private caregivers with elderly individuals, that’s not always the case.

There are 3 major reasons a person might require an in-home nurse to regularly visit them. Read on as we discuss the types and services provided by registered nurses.

Personal Care and Companionship

The first type of service provided by in-home care nurses is the personal care and companionship service or non-medical care services.

These may be needed for the care of senior citizens, to help keep patients safe in their homes by preventing accidents, or to have someone around to engage with the patient and keep them active throughout the day.

This sort of in-home care is also known as assistive care, and its primary aim is to help individuals get through their day with the required assistance.

These can be as simple as helping a person get in and out of their wheelchairs or escorting them on errands and appointments, or it could be more detailed care that includes helping with grooming, eating, bathing, and dressing. Often patients suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s require such care.

Private Nurse Duties

A private nurse essentially performs the same sort of role she would in a hospital, but does so at the residence of the patient they are caring for. This may also be referred to as home-based skilled nursing and it requires the caregiver to perform medical practices and procedures for the sake of the patient.

Private nurses may be hired for individuals who are suffering from a disease or injury that requires long-term assistance to properly deal with it. Examples of this can include people suffering from brain or spinal cord injuries, patients on a ventilator, patients who require feeding tubes, and people who require catheter care.

The nurses in charge will also keep track of vital signs and will be required to administer medication, similar to how they would take care of a patient in the hospital.

Home Health Care Services

This is a short-term care providing solution where a physician may have recommended that a nurse assist a patient with their recovery from an illness or injury, or recover from the treatment for that illness or injury. This is also known as intermittent skilled care, and visiting nursing services.

These shorter-term home health care services may be offered to provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, home health aide services, and social medical work.

The type of care is slightly different from the others as this requires both the recommendation of a doctor, and happens in the form of regular short visits from the nurse.

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