How to Fall Proof Your Home

old person on wheel chair

Older loved ones require care and attention at all times. One of the major issues associated with taking care of them is fall-proofing your house. Every year, one-third of elderly people suffer from fall injuries that can prove to be fatal. As their body’s mechanisms weaken, even minor wounds can be life-threatening.

Making certain changes to your house can minimize the risk of falling and ensure safety. Here are some changes modifications that you can incorporate.


It’s very important to have handrails on the staircases and hallways in your house so that seniors can hold on to them when they have difficulty walking. Make sure that the handrails are tightly fastened and easy to grab. Moreover, the material of handrails and door knobs should be easy-to-grip.

Keep Pathways Clear

Having kids and old parents in the same home can be challenging. Talk to your kids about the health situation of their grandparents. Teach them to act as responsibly by not leaving toys around that can create potential fall risks for seniors.

Sufficient Lighting

Aging can also affect vision, which is why it’s important to keep all areas of your home well-lit. You can consider installing energy efficient windows to bring more natural light into your home.

Carpets and Rugs

Avoid using rugs or carpets unless they’re glued to the floor because they can create risks of slips and falls. Instead, install soft carpet flooring in different areas of your house, especially in your senior loved one’s room. Even in case of an unfortunate incident, a carpeted floor can cushion the senior’s fall.

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