How Can Caregivers Encourage Older Men to Take Care of Their Health?

An old man with his caregiver

According to research and statistics, women tend to outlive men. The US census data reveals that while the proportion of females to males is 1:1 among young adults, this ratio tends to see a downward trend in people over 65. The numbers keep diverging until the female to male ratio is 2:1 among adults older than 80 years.

While there are myriad gender-based health initiatives worldwide for women, they tend to live six to eight years more than men, and the World Health Organization concurs it. Therefore, we must get help for senior men at home so that their in-home caregivers can talk to them about their health.

Talking to Men

As a caregiver, you must talk to your male clients about making healthy lifestyle choices like giving up on alcohol and smoking, eating well, getting exercise, and managing stress. You must also talk about their healthcare:

Ask them when was the last time they saw a doctor

You should remind older male clients that meeting with their doctor can ensure self-sufficiency and preserve independence. It can also save them money in the long run. You must ensure that their regular care must include checkups, regular dental and vision care, and referrals to specialists if needed.

Urge them to be open with their healthcare providers

It’s ubiquitous for men to underplay their health issues when discussing them with their doctor. They may say that a symptom isn’t that bad. They may also not mention any new health concerns or talk about a recent fall.

Therefore, you must remind your male clients that it’s important to be open about their health to the doctors so that these joint forces can increase life expectancy and help people make good decisions.

Encourage them to have the regular screenings

For senior men, regular screenings include tests for cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. They should also include screenings for colorectal, skin, and prostate cancer, and hearing and vision tests. While people associate osteoporosis as a disease found in women, men should also be tested for bone density.

Remind them about their vaccination dates

In many countries around the world, seniors are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, they must register for it and get it as soon as they can. They must also get their flu shots and vaccines for tetanus/pertussis/diphtheria, pneumococcal pneumonia, among other diseases.

Discuss their emotional health

Many men think it’s weak of them to talk about experiencing depression, stress, or suicidal thoughts. You must reassure your client that help is available and accessing help isn’t a sign of weakness. Addressing alcohol, smoking, or drug misuse is a sign of massive strength. While doctors and caregivers can’t force their clients to alter their behaviors, they must offer advice.

At-Home Support for Older Men

Most people like to age in the comfort of their homes. However, the health challenges can make their stay at home dangerous without assistance. They may feel bad about asking for help from their family, and in some cases, they may even need urgent professional help.

In-home caregiver service providers offer personal care, prepare healthy meals, and take their clients to and from their doctor’s appointments.

Whether you’re looking for a smooth transition from hospital to your home or looking for an in-home caregiver, skilled and experienced caregivers at Embassy Home Healthcare can help make the process comfortable. Check out our services and get in touch with us for any healthcare need.