5 Common Myths about Physical Therapy

In-home physical therapy

Physical therapy is an important step in recovering from illnesses, injuries, and surgeries.

It develops healing, relieves pain, and helps the patient in movement and functioning well.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, physical therapists are trained and licensed medical professionals. They have ample experience in diagnosing physical abnormalities and restoring and maintaining physical functions.

The CDC also recommends physical therapy and non-drug options for chronic pains.

Physical therapy helps patients overcome physical limitations, helps pain management with less use of opioids, and help in movement and function.

Moreover, it also helps patients avoid surgery, enhances strength and boosts mobility, teaches how to conserve energy during movement, assures fall prevention, helps recover from trauma, and can help greatly in age related medical troubles for the elderly.

This blog will list common myths about physical therapy and debunk them.

Physical Therapy Hurts
The goal of physical therapy is to minimize discomfort and pain, including chronic pain. Some patients even refuse to start physical therapy in fear of pain. Instead, physical therapists will help work with it and alleviate it while restoring function and movement in patients.

Physical Therapy is only for Injuries
Physical therapy is not just for accidents; it also helps in pain management, chronic pain, and musculoskeletal conditions, etc.

You Need a Referral
Physical therapists are licensed experts in musculoskeletal injuries and prevention. Therefore, you don’t need permission for a doctor to receive physical therapy.

Physical Therapy is like a Massage
Some people assume that physical therapy can be DIYed.

Your physical therapist customizes a plan specific to your needs. It’s not just exercise but also manual therapy that would assure full recovery. Another view is that physical therapy is like a massage, though your therapist does perform manual therapy but it’s based on the bio-mechanics of the body.

Any Health Care Professional can be a Physical Therapist and all Physical Therapists are the Same
Physical therapists have different backgrounds, training, and education with different philosophies and approach to treatment.

It’s surprising how many people believe that any health care professional can be a physical therapist. Physical therapy can only be administered by a licensed therapist with certifications in methods or specialty areas.

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