4 Qualities to Look for in a Registered Nurse

Nurse in a white gown

Nurses represent nearly 3 million of the American workforce. There are also about 700 thousand licensed practical nurses in the health care service.

Nursing is also considered one of the most trusted professions in the United States.

There are few careers as rewarding and challenging as nursing. Nurses have the potential to make a significant change in the lives of their patients.

Nurses require not only professional expertise but also some qualities that are necessary for a nurse to positively impact their patient. This blog will highlight and discuss these qualities in detail.

Empathy and Compassion
A nurse to be empathetic and compassionate toward their patients. Empathy is recognizing and understanding what another person feels from their point of view.

A nurse who is empathetic would instantly form a bond with their patient and be able to comprehend what the patient feels. A patient needs to feel as if they are in trustworthy and reliable hands. Nurses must be able to express compassion for their patients and the families.

Moreover, they have to listen to the patients’ concerns and assure them without them feeling like they were unheard.

Communication Skills
Communication skills are extremely important for a nurse. Not only do they have to effectively communicate with their patients but also with families, doctors, or any other healthcare staff.

Communication skills are necessary to develop a bond and trust with the patients, creating interpersonal relationships. The patient should be able to feel themselves heard, understood.

In addition, patients should be able to show concerns, and relay information on how they feel. Healthcare professionals do a better job when dialogue is open and free. Patients also feel less anxious in stressful situations when they communicate properly with the nurses.

Critical Thinking
Problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills are important for nurses. They should be able to put two unrelated things together and draw rational conclusions. They should be able to troubleshoot issues, prioritize patients’ needs, and interpret diagnostic data effectively to make important and crucial decisions. Nurses should be able to think critically under pressure.

Emotional Stability
There needs to be emotional stability and calmness in a nurse in crucial situations.

Respect is a basic thing and nurses should be able to not get upset with patients no matter what. Nurses should keep their emotions in check regardless of how taxing a situation is. Tough situations call for emotional stability. Their calm emotions don’t mean a lack of empathy, rather just control.

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